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If you're the type of person who is governed by old Croatian saying: 'Trust in yourself and in your jade ONLY', we have a solution for you!


We are able to offer you boats to rent for a ride on the river Cetina and sea. The Cetina River is navigable for about 6 km upstream to the restaurant Radman’s mills. The possibilities are many, you can explore the beauty of the famous canyon, take your darling to romantic drive up to the restaurant Kastil Slanica, located by the river and the Island of love, explore the Adriatic coast, cheer up the kids and discover new beach, which can be discovered only from the sea ...

We Rent a boat offer we have plastic boats of 5 m length and outboard motor 4-5 hp.

The rental price includes fuel.

Boats have tent for sun protection.

Boats are on our moor next to the Omis bridge.


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For those who want to be close to nature in its original form, who love peace and recreation, kayak is the perfect choice!

In the silence interrupted only by the birds, sound of trees, and distant sounds of civilization, watching the lush green canyon or blue sea, you can enjoy full relaxation of the mind and soul. Swimming in the clear river and sea, resting on the beaches will definitely relax your body too.

We offer seakayak 2 +1 and 2 +2, suitable for sea and river.

The rental price includes equipment: life jackets, waterproof bags and paddles.

Kayaks can be rented on our moor next the Omis bridge.


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