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2013-03-22Izlet kanjonom CetineTo visit city of Omis, and not to see the canyon is like coming to Dalmatia, and not seeing the sea.

Boat trip starts in Omis, next to the bridge and ends after a forty minute drive, on the 6 km part of the river Cetina through the canyon at the restaurant and the picnic area Radman’s mills.

Magnificent canyon and the emerald green river, so clear that fish can be seen, will capture your heart forever with its beauty.

Boats are suitable for more people so are ideal for organized groups transport. Whether your group come in Omis as final destination or are just passing through, boat excursion in the canyon of the river Cetina will be a refreshment for your guests after a long ride on the bus.

It is possible to make a reservation for lunch in Radman’s mill restaurant.



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